Antioch, California Housing Trends

Antioch is one of those California Bay cities that is considered a San Francisco suburb. This cities population is a little over 110,000 people. Kaiser and the Sutter Delta Hospital System are two notable employers. Even though housing costs in the Bay Area are typically pretty high, Antioch offers some more affordable housing options than many other parts of the San Francisco Metro Area.

Antioch Bay, CA Housing Facts

The city’s average income for a household is just over $60,000, which is still over the U.S. average of about $40,000. About 6 percent of the population live below the U.S. poverty line. The entire city has about 30,000 households. Of these 30,000 households, almost half contained children under 18 in the home. About 60 percent of these homes were occupied by married couples, and the average size of a household in Antioch is three occupants.

According to Zillow, average home prices in Antioch have increased by 11 percent in the last year and are expected to keep increasing during the next year, but they probably won’t keep rising as quickly. The average price per square foot of an Antioch home is about half the price it is in San Francisco. At the same time, average home values were over $400,000. This high housing price does put some pressure on a city with families who have median incomes around $60,000.

People who are searching for more affordable home prices in the San Fransisco Metro Area might consider Antioch as a place to look for a new home to buy. Average rental payments per month are over $2,000, which is high for the entire country but still well below average prices inside San Francisco. While it’s hard to say that housing is truly affordable in Antioch, it’s more affordable than in Oakland or San Francisco.